October 31, 2005

not so tired this morning despite quite the busy weekend. slept in a bit, altho i do have that pinched cheekbones feeling that i get when i’m not getting enough sleep. but at least i’m not hunched over my desk or the keyboard. sitting quite straight, thank you very much.

yesterday was my first time coordinating first shift at B & J’s (and they had me training someone else already!). went very well–and there were LOTS of clients. luckily we had enough food.

i’m realizing now that the orange chunks that were in my “red lentil mango stew” last night may have been mangos, altho i assumed they were carrots. they didn’t taste like mangos. but that could have been because i assumed they were carrots so they tasted carroty to me. or maybe the au bon pain people try to fool their customers by substituting expensive mangos with cheap carrots? it was good soup, none the less. and i don’t like mangos so i was glad that the orange chunks were not mango-y.

chaucer aquired a new middle name this weekend. fitzgerald, as in F. scott. chaucer fitzgerald. quite dignified if you ask me.



October 29, 2005

well, it’s saturday, and i’m at work.

but, but, but…this morning as i was walking to the train it was spitting snow! snow! that’s soooooo exciting. i mean, by the time january comes and we’re up to our ears in brown muck it won’t be so exciting but since it’s the first time, it’s nice.

lots of things to do today both in lab and home. and then a busy sunday tomorrow.

but at least i get an exra hour of sleep tonight (unless i get up early to make D breakfast, as promised).

don’t forget to fall back.


October 28, 2005

helping the undergrad out this morning.

journal club, then i can do some of my experiments later. maybe actually figure some things out. i mean, in lab, at least.

no, i can’t even think about Gal 2:20 without feeling a thousand times better.

maybe i’ll try to do some more dancing for xiaomin today. she always enjoys that.

up and down

October 28, 2005

yesterday was a bit overwhelming for me. such that i didn’t sleep so well last night. at least i had a pooka to wake up to. oh, pooka.

i hate feeling like something that i can’t control is controlling me, or my life. so after crying for awhile i had to ask God to forgive me for not remembering that it is He who is in control and not circumstances that surround me.

“and it is no longer i who live…”

a six letter word for “feminine”

any guesses? anyone?


that’s right–it’s “female”.

besides being one of the worst crossword puzzles EVER, now i get to be inundated with how i’m supposed to be “feminine” while i do my spare change news crossword.

in other news, i broke down today and wore thermals under my pants. how feminine!

file this under no kidding

October 25, 2005

can i send this secretly to anne?

cold room

October 25, 2005

why does it always seem like the coldest, wettest days are the ones i have to spend in the cold room at work?

and why does the cold room seem like the punishment place for scientists?

and why do i seem to increasingly be stuck there?

is it a casual or a causal relationship?


October 24, 2005

i am now verboten to write about such mundane things as daily tasks.

i have to be much more abstract because that is witty and cool. and that’s what i need to be (apparently).

so, here we go.

the leaves are really starting to fall off the trees and i’m bundling up because the weather is getting colder and pretty soon i’ll have to be wearing thermals under my clothes (why are thermals called long johns?).

speaking of which–did you know someone else “owns” 20% of your dna? now, technically speaking, you can do what you want with your body, and no one is going to try to snatch your DNA from you. and they won’t sue you for patent infringment for your own body replicating itself. but there you go.

it’s not that i didn’t know about this stuff. i mean, come on, i’m a scientist and up on all the inside scoops. plus i’ve been told on numerous occasions that i “know everything”.

but i’m just out here trying to distribute the knowledge to all you little folks. the blind masses who read (in braille) my blog.

odds and ends

October 23, 2005

doing laundry, some yoga, and blogging–all at once. that’s what you call multi-tasking.

didn’t go to church this morning (have to sleep some time) but i did go volunteer at B & J’s this afternoon–i was semi-coordinating today. basically getting trained to do first shift for next week. i like first shift–you get to cook and do your own thing and not so much clean-up. but second shift rocks cuz you get to hang out with the folks coming for the meal. i can’t describe how awesome these folks are. i also may be coordinating next sunday first shift even tho that was supposed to be my sunday off, but they need someone and it’s hard to say no. altho i’ll have to miss sunday seminar and community meal at church, so i need to think about it somemore.

anyway, today i made some apple pancakes. no, they weren’t vegan. but what can you do? everyone wanted some–including all the other volunteers. i was happy they came out so well considering i didn’t have a recipe or any measuring devices. i do seem to be good at throwing things together.

yesterday was girls’ brunchy morning thing. the big D took off (he’s so considerate) so we could have the place to ourselves. i made pumpkin bread, apple-cranberry crisp, and gingerbread with lemon sauce. they loved it and we got to chat and catch up and have fun. i love those girls.

it makes me sad tho too. one will be leaving in april and the other probably next october. my other two best friends have already left boston (altho one may come back next year). it always seems like my friends are leaving me. and it is hard to make new friends. it takes time, time, time.

friday night i got to check out blue shirt cafe, which i’m uber-excited about. a great place to get vegan wraps. they had SO many! eeek! (that’s my squeel of excitement. which i never do in real life, but this is the web, so i can do whatever i want, right?) had a good time.

back to work tomorrow. gah. i cannot do another 60hr week. and i won’t! so there, anne. take that!

the curious incident

October 21, 2005

of the dog in the night-time,

a novel by mark haddon.

about a boy (christopher) with autism.

“and father said, ‘christopher, do you understand that i love you?’

and i said, ‘yes,’ because loving someone is helping them when they get into trouble, and looking after them, and telling them the truth, and Father looks after me when i get into trouble, like coming to the police station, and he looks after me by cooking meals for me, and he always tells me the truth, which means that he loves me.”

and everyone said, awwww….