June 27, 2005

so, for the june post. 🙂

i really would like to update this thing more often and fill it with all the trivial matters of my life but, honestly, i don’t have time. my life is too full of those unimportant bits to add another.

australia was wonderful, fabulous, a dream come true and every other accolade you could stamp on there. snorkeling on the Reef was probably the greatest experience of my life and made me want to do “the little mermaid” thing in reverse.

it’s so different and beautiful down there. sydney is an amazing city where i could absolutely envision myself living if it weren’t so far away.

but now i’m back at work and back to the real world.

went to the new church and a discussion group that they had. it was great and hopefully i’ll make some new friendships there.
i’m the only back at work so my boss is on me all the time to do things because she has noone else to bother. i’m teaching a new rotation student the in and outs of biochemistry.
get to go to maine this weekend for the fourth to hang out with old friends.

i decided in australia that i’m ready to get married. isn’t that great? now all i have to do is find someone who actually likes me. that shouldn’t be hard at all…

and i’m moving! not for another month and a half but we found the place and it seems great and i can get a cat! hopefully everything will go through smoothly and we’ll move in sometime in august.